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Flow Rate Indicator (Models : P-181 or. F-181) Type of Meter : Insertion Paddle Wheel type Flow Rate Indicator Max. % of Solids : 1% of fluid volume, non-abrasive, non-magnetic, micron in dia. & length Mounting : Field or, Panel Pipe Line size : min. 15 mm up to 500 mm

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The simple construction of Flow Gauges / Indicator, without any power supply or, battery. PELTON WHEEL FLOW INDICATOR, WHEEL FLOW INDICATOR, SITE GLASS TUBE- these few types are avaiable with us. SITE GLASS TUBE is just a transperant tube

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Dial Type Flow Rate Indicator is a piston operated flow rate Indicator with accuracy.
The design of Dial Type Flow Rate Indicator offer relatively lower pressure resistance compared to its predecessors

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Level Gauges, Float operated Level Indicators, Float operated Level Switches and Temperature Sensors. We also manufacture Customized Process Indicators, Controllers and Control Systems.