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We have various type Flow Switches. Flow Switches are mainly used to ensure availability of sufficient Flow , required for that process.
We have Flow Switches for Liquids as well as for Gases. Flow Switches are available in Weatherproof and Flameproof enclosures.

The type of Flow Switches, which we have are listed below :

1) Miniature Flow Switches
2) Indicating type Flow Switches
3) Paddle type Flow Switches

FS series Switches are not suitable if the fluid carries suspended particles of size more than 50 microns. � WPFS series Flow Switches are suitable even though the fluid carries suspended particles of size more than 50 microns : adjustable from 100 to 500 mm Hg

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Series : WFS series Service : Any free flowing liquid or gases Max. Particle size should not be more than 150 microns Mounting : Vertical or, Horizontal

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WFSPT -General purpose WP-FSPT -Weatherproof Flow Switches EP-FSPT -Explosion proof Flow Switches to group IIA/IIB GFP-FSPT -Flameproof Flow Switches to group IIC

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Bypass Flow Switch BPFS Series is Fixed Flow setting By Pass Flow Switch. This Flow Switch is compact and rugged. BPFS series Flow Switch is more economical and has a wide application area such as air plasma cutting machine, welding machines, lubrication systems, medical sterilizers, laundry chemical dispensing etc.

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We manufacture various types of .....

Level Gauges, Float operated Level Indicators, Float operated Level Switches and Temperature Sensors. We also manufacture Customized Process Indicators, Controllers and Control Systems.