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Vibrating Fork type Level Switches are single point level switches. The electronics control unit is integral with the sensing probe. Fail safe logic is field selectable.

There ate two type of Vibraing Fork Level Switches - Vibraing Fork for Solids

Vibrating Fork for Low Density material & Liquids
Housing : Cast Aluminium Weatherproof
Mains : 230 V AC, 110 V AC or, 24 V DC
Output : 2 set of C/O contacts rated at 5 amps, 230 V AC for resistive loads. or PNP NO
Switching Delay : 2 sec to 20 Sec ( adj.) for probe covered and uncovered (OPTIONAL)

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Level Gauges, Float operated Level Indicators, Float operated Level Switches and Temperature Sensors. We also manufacture Customized Process Indicators, Controllers and Control Systems.